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Manaslu meaning the mountain of soul, is one of the imminent geographical charismas dominating the historical kingdom of Gorkha. Its snow capped conical body sores 8,156m above the sea level to form two cylindrical horns that still appears as a god appeased by daily worship to the local people which otherwise would bring natural catastrophe. Locally Manaslu is known as Pungen Ri whose embodiment is worshiped in a Gompa couple of hundred meter above the village of Sama Goan.


Round Manaslu trek is an amalgamation of rich culture, adventure, scenic beauty and rudimental rural civilization that represents ancient Tibetan lifestyle. This newly opened trek encircling the entire Manaslu massif, offers a chance to comprehensively explore the full range of Nepals natural and cultural diversity.

Feature Trips of Manaslu Region

Manaslu Trekking

Duration: 21 days | Grade: ***

This extended and strenuous trek, circling the Manaslu range was opened to trekking in 1992 along with Mustang. Going north, up the river valley of the Buri Gandaki ......

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Rupinala High pass Trek

Duration: 25 days | Grade: ****

Rupinala pass trek takes you to the most high remote location of Manaslu region. You will be crossing two high passes Rupina la (4643meter) and Larkya la (5213meter)..

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