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Sunkoshi rafting starts from Baseri (dolalghat) and end at Chatara, requiring 08 to 09 days. Baseri is 3 hours drive from Kathmandu to the east. Among many advantages of a long river trip, one is a pleasant diversity of things within a short span of time with a chance to see 250 different species of orchids and 400 species of birds available around the basin. 4-5 graded Wild River in east Nepal. Challenging one. Tour not recommended in the months February to April.One of the 10th classic and best white water journeys on Sunkoshi (river of gold) is in Nepal offers a longest river trip and the most fascinating among the few rivers, which flow down from snow-capped mountains. Big rapes, warm water, beautiful scenery and great camping makes this is a classic multi-day river trip. There will be a great trip for intermediate and advanced kayakers. At its best in medium to high flows. This enchanting river expedition of 9 days will definitely be the highlight of you visit to Nepal, its memory shall last for ever and ever . Sunkoshi is an unpredictable river, it has its own moods, serene, calm and tranquil one moment, wile and turbulent the next, always changing, always challenging, the ultimate in the river adventure. So, Sun Koshi is famous in rafting circles, and with good reason.

Trip Facts

  • Activities: River Rafting
  • Rafting Type: Camping
  • Best Season: Mar - May, Oct - Dec
  • Total Duration: 10 Days
  • Rafting Area: Sunkoshi
  • Group Size: 2 - 50 pax
  • Max. Height: 1,365 m.
  • Transportation: Drive in / Out
Detail Itinerary Trishuli River Rafting
  • Day 01: Kathmandu to Dolalghat.
    3hrs drive to Dolalghat; rafting starting point and short rafting camp in Tarang Gaon.
  • Day 02: Tarang Gaon to Dumja village rafting approximately 4 hours.
    The gathered villagers shall cheer you as you drift away slowly gathering momentum, slowly leaving behind the Langtang ranges. Sunkoshi is considered as a Holy river by the Nepalese Hindus, the river flows into the Holy Ganges in India, soon we hit the very technical rapid called Khuei Bhai rapid, strewn with rooks and boulders, hence, considerable care is need. Camp for the night near the Mahadev temple
  • Day 03: Dumja village to Khunkot rafting approximately 6 hours.
    “Wet and Wild” immediately we are hitting the rapids passing en route the fishing village of Kodari’s and the Chamera Bhir were you could see hundreds of bats screaming and clinging to the walls of the cliffs, some good fun filled rapids takes up to Khunkot where we camp for the night.
  • Day 04: Khurkot to Likhu Khola rafting approximately 5 hours.
    Habitations dwindle, few Rai villages’ en route, exciting rapids in the afternoon with good photo prospects.
  • Day 05: Likhu Khola to Harkapur village rafting approximately 6 hours.
    Today, we pass through deep gorges punctuated with exciting rapids unfolding pleasant floats in the afternoon troops of Langur and Rhesus monkeys can be seen romping the riverbanks.
  • Day 06: Harkapur village to Rai Ghat rafting approximately 6 hours.
    Today is one of the most exciting and challenging days of the expedition encountering some very demanding rapids where you witness the skills of our guides, we pass through ‘Bridge rapids’ and ‘Krishna rapids’ stopping to carefully plan our strategy through the next rapids. Mr. Mangal Gurung was the first rafter to successfully take rafts in 1979 and he has the distinction of being the 1st Nepali to raft the Sunkoshi, it was a no mean success, hence, the rapid is named after him ‘MANGAL RAPID’. Floating past the confluence of the Dudh Koshi, we hit the last rapid for the day, ‘Roller Coaster’ a hair rising rapid.
  • Day 07: Rai Ghat to Bander Ghat rafting approximately 6 hours.
    Hold tight, the ride is not over yet…as past the point of Sap Su Khola is a rapid with the greatest drop Huge ‘holes’, ‘eddies’ and churning ‘stopper waves’ demands team work and hard paddle.
  • Day 08: Bander Ghat to Bonjur Ghat rafting approximately 6 hours.
    We take to the rapids again, busy all morning earnestly thanking for the lunch break, emerging from the Mardheku gorge the river spreads wide, less agitated after its confinement between steep cliffs and gorges.
  • Day 09: Bonjur Ghat to Barahchhatra rafting approximately 6 hours.
    Today the whole stretch is a mixture of fun filled rapids and calm undulating floats, you are somewhat relived, yet sad that the trip is coming to an end, all good things ultimately does.
  • Day 10: Short rafting reaches out points Chatara, after lunch takes night bus to Kathmandu or drive to Biratnagar to take a flight back to Kathmandu.
    After a while we join the turbid waters of the Arun Koshi encountering our last rapids to the junction of the Tamor Koshi. The river changes its course from west -east to northeast through beautiful gorge floating to the white temple of Barahchhetra set upon the east bank. This is a Hindu temple dedicated to 12 different Hindu Gods and Goddesses; we stop to pay a visit. Suddenly we break through the Mahabharat and Rapcha ranges and spreading before us is a completely flat horizon, slowly we drift to Chatara. After Chatara we drive to Koshi Tappu or Chitwan National Park for an excellent Safari or drive back to Kathmandu or drive to Biratnagar for your fly back to Kathmandu